400W-ATX-PFC-R 400W Industrial ATX Power Supply

  • PS2 Industrial Power Supply Front
  • PS2 Industrial Power Supply Rear
  • PS2 Industrial Power Supply Side
  • 400W Industrial Power Supply Wiring
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Overview – 400W Industrial Power Supply

The 400W-ATX-PFC-R power supply supply provides robust power output for your server, workstation, or storage system needs in the standard ATX form.  Built with high-quality capacitors and transformers, this 400W industrial power supply operates reliably and efficiently, always delivering clean, stable, and continuous power.  As with all of our industrial power supplies, Short Circuit, Over Power, Over Current, and Over Voltage Protection are all standard features.

Active PFC

This PSU is designed with Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) for reliability and heightened efficiency.  Active PFC automatically corrects for AC input voltage, and supports a full range of input voltage.

Operate in Warm Industrial Environments

High quality components result in a power supply which operates up to 50℃.  Most commercial power supplies off the shelf can not safely claim the same.  Providing maximum safety to the critical components in your system is the priority.

  • 12V Max Current: 30A
  • Noise & Thermal Control (Silence & Reliable)
  • Temperature Range: Operating -10℃ ~ 50℃
  • Efficiency: 70% AT 115V, Full Load
  • Humidity:
    • Operating: 20%-95%
    • Non-Operating: 10%-95%
  • Cooling: One 80mm DC Fan
  • Active Power Factor Correction Meet IEC-1000-3-2 Class D
  • EMI Noise Filter: FCC Class B, CISPR22 Class B
  • Safety: UL, CSA 22.2 NO/ 60950, TUV, CCC
Output Voltage Output Current Min. Output Current Max. Regulation Load Regulation Line Output Ripple & Noise Max.[P-P]
5V 3 35 ± 5% ± 1% 50mV
12V 2 30 +7% ~ -5% ± 1% 120mV
-5V 0 0.5 ±5% ± 1% 150mV
-12V 0 0.8 ±5% ± 1% 150mV
+3.3V 1 28 ± 5% ± 1% 50mV
+5VSB 0.1 2 ± 5% ± 1% 50mV