Testing rack

OEM manufacturing partner

ADEK is much more than just a system builder. We are a full service OEM manufacturing partner. We are here to help from the very beginning stages of your project all the way through to it's conclusion, often times at no additional cost. After 30 years in business we've learned what it means to be an important asset to our customers, and how to help their projects reach their full potential.

Our customers market a variety of systems ranging from metrology equipment to reflow ovens, from medical testing machines to million-dollar semiconductor automation equipment. They trust our team with such confidence they are willing to base their companies' reputations on the products we build for them.

We are able to offer engineering services for whatever your needs may be. Below are just a few examples of our capabilties.
  Chassis design and manufacturing
  Custom cables and cable harnesses
  BIOS modifications
  Custom power supplies
At no additional cost, we work with your engineers to create and maintain custom images for your systems. This ensures you receive a true out-of-box experience where everything just works as expected.
Testing & Certification
No matter what testing or certification you need done, we can work with you every step of the way.
  And others
Labeling & Packaging
Many of our customers require OEM labeling and packaging. We are happy to customize our systems and packaging to suit whatever your needs may be.
  Custom packaging
  Painting and printing
  Custom labels
Lifecycle Management
We understand the importance of having a solid product life-cycle plan and a robust strategy to deal with EOL and EOS components.
  Standard long-life components
  EOL planning
  Replacement and upgrade planning

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of your requirements.