About Us

ADEK Industrial Computers

More and more businesses are turning to ADEK Industrial Computers for their OEM, reseller and end user computer manufacturing requirements. They appreciate the attention to detail and high quality construction that go into every ADEK computer. One of the greatest advantages we offer is our ability to provide long-life solutions for customer-specific industrial computer requirements. This includes a variety of PCI, ISA, PICMG, PC-104, Compact PCI, mini-ITX and other technologies. While we continue to support traditional and legacy technology, we are also well-versed in the latest computer innovations including PCI-Express, PCI-64 and more. Whether you require one, or multiple ISA or PCI slots or a computer with all the latest state-of-the-art advancements, ADEK Industrial Computers will provide you with a reliable source. Whatever the application, ADEK Industrial Computers has the solution.

Your OEM Partner

ADEK has been building customer satisfaction for over 30 years. Our customer and technical support team is dedicated to providing an uncommon concern to detail our customers really appreciate. Many of our customers are OEMs who purchase ADEK computers to build into their own systems that are sold under their own brand labels. Our OEM customers appreciate our willingness to work closely with them from system design, through manufacturing. It is this close rapport with our customers that is among our greatest strengths. In fact, many ADEK OEM customers consider us an extension of their own companies.

If you are looking for a manufacturer to provide your industrial computers, servers or high end commercial PCs, consider ADEK. We’ll be happy to provide you with some of the glowing references we always receive from our present OEM customers.

About ADEK Industrial Computers
You’ll quickly discover we always go the extra mile to earn your confidence and satisfaction. All we ask is for the chance to prove it to you.

Why buy ADEK?

We’re large enough to meet all your hardware needs, yet small enough to provide you with a high level of personal support. That is precisely the reason we do not offer any e-commerce sales. We believe you deserve more personal assistance and always welcome your telephone calls to discuss your requirements so that we can provide the perfect solutions.

Since we email you a quote for the custom computers you require, you learn that ADEK computers are competitively priced right from the start. Quotes are usually emailed back to you within 24-hours of your original request. No obligation, of course.

Our team of engineers is well versed on the latest technology, yet they have been around long enough to suggest solutions even if you require a computer that supports older hardware. Whether you need the latest screaming computers, or one that can handle older applications, ADEK can provide the perfect machine.

Naturally we build standard industrial and commercial grade computers. However, did you know that we specialize in providing customized systems to meet your exact requirements? Depending on your situation, we can provide modified case designs to accommodate specific form, fit, function and environmental conditions. We can also provide unique PCI and ISA slot configurations to meet your need. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ask any of our regular OEM customers; we meet delivery requirements time-after-time. In fact, several of our customers issue report cards indicating the performance of their vendors. ADEK consistently receives excellent grades for product quality and on-time deliveries.

In this business there are many computer companies that have yet to prove themselves. We’ve been in business for over 30 years. Some of our current OEM customers have been with us since the beginning. That is testament to the high level of customer satisfaction they receive. It should also give you comfort knowing that we’ll be here in the future to support the computers we build for you.