What’s the Point of DOS Today?


DOS usually refers to MS-DOS, one of the oldest operating systems in existence. Support for it has been discontinued for years, but there are still valid reasons to use DOS, and many people still prefer it. Take a look at why you might use DOS and how to make it part of a new computer.

If your company uses the same programs that were developed in the 80s or 90s, then your company computers might use DOS. Older programs aren’t always able to run on newer operating systems, and sometimes it is cheaper to provide computers with DOS instead of upgrading the software itself. These are often vital programs for the company, and cannot be replaced.

DOS is still used today for performing basic tasks that don’t require a lot of user interface. If the computer doesn’t need to put power towards user experience in graphics or interactivity, then the computer will be able to put more energy into performing its tasks instead. This means that computers with a primary purpose of transmitting data or performing calculations will be able to handle these tasks faster and more efficiently.

Using DOS to interact with a computer is just one step above manipulating the hardware directly. It’s the best option for setting primary tasks of the computer system or performing diagnostics and maintenance for the hardware. You can consider DOS as the operating system for servers or databases. It’s not the best operating system for a desktop or client-side computer, but it still has its place.

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