What Does A Motherboard Do?

Computers are truly an incredible invention. Imagine, an intricate connection of metals and electricity that allows you to do everything from monitor production to online shopping. But do you know what exactly goes on behind closed doors? If all your computer parts were a family, the motherboard would be, well, the mother. Here at Adek, we can help you build custom industrial computers from the inside out, so they do exactly what you need them to.

Essentially, the motherboard connects all the other components to allow communication between them. It also holds the memory, expansion slots, audio, networking systems, the central processing unit, and all input/output systems. Basically, not only does it connect everything within your industrial computer, but also connects it to the outside world.

Types of Motherboards

The kind of motherboard you need depends on your system requirements and what you’re going to use the machine for. Most are classified by the type of processor they’re compatible with, as well as how much RAM they support. It also has connectors to connect with various other components, such as network cables, monitors, keyboards, speakers, and even microphones. Choosing a model that matches the needs of your machine is the first step to building your custom computer.

ADEK Capabilities

Here at Adek, we strive on being able to offer a wide variety of services and components for our customers. We maintain the feel of a small shop with excellent customer service and communication but have a large enough inventory of products to accommodate each unique requirements. Our team of engineers has plenty of experience in the computer manufacturing industry, but also understand the importance of staying up to date on the latest technology and trends.

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