How Much Computer Power Does AI Need?

As many tech businesses look into using AI for their companies, the question for many people becomes what does it take to truly run an artificial intelligence? Can a standard computer manage it, or is a robust industrial computer needed?

AI is used in business for a variety of reasons. A simple way to describe its use would be managing and interpolating large amounts o data to create predictions for future sales and company choices. When used this way, AI is also called machine learning. True AI, as in a wholly artificial intelligence, is not yet a reality. Computers are good at processing data and using it to understand future data sets, but this is not true learning in the same way a person would. While AI is likely going to exist in the future, what people consider AI today is just a sophisticated data analysis.

AI, or machine learning, requires a lot of memory to be able to work. This is because the computer must devote a lot of resources to processing data, and must remember data it has faced before. As the computer learns more and uses more information to process data, the computer has more information it must remember. This means that to use AI effectively, you’ll need to make sure you can consistently update your computer system’s memory.

The companies that use AI to understand data are businesses you have undoubtedly heard of: Walmart, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, to name a few. These companies are on the cutting edge of technology—and there’s no reason you can’t be there as well.

Your company will grow when you use machine learning to understand your business. You can learn more than you could from people, as computers don’t have the ability to overlook important information.

IF you’re interested in a robust machine learning solution for your company, you need industrial computers that can stand up to the massive workload. ADEK offers these computers and will be able to help your business succeed.