How to Choose a CPU

When you’re building a computer for your business use, then there are many components to keep in mind. One of the main components of your computer is its CPU, or central processing unit. What are the factors to look at in a CPU, and how do you know if you’ve gotten the right one?

What kind of CPU do you need?

Not all computers are created equal, and this is true for CPUs as well. Are you building a computer as a desktop or a server? The CPU for each type differs, so make sure you’re looking for the right kind.

How many cores do you need?

The cores in a CPU are the units that move and add data within the CPU. More powerful CPUs will have more cores, but also can be more expensive.

How much cache do you need?

The cache is what the CPU uses to store temporary data, meaning that processes happen faster without taking the time to reach the memory first. The more cache that is part of the CPU, then the faster the computer will be.

Are the sockets compatible?

Ensure that the CPU you want is compatible with the sockets of your computer. This should be a simple check but is something you cannot overlook.

How much heat does it put out?

Take a look at the CPU’s thermal design power. This will let you know the maximum amount of heat you should expect from the CPU, which will let you know how best to cool your computer. Knowing this also means you can be aware of any overheating in your computer.

What is the frequency?

The frequency refers to how fast the CPU runs. You can use this information to judge how fast the computer will be overall.

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