Get Windows XP or 98 on a New Computer

When you’re looking for new computer hardware for your industrial needs, one major thing to consider is the operating system. New versions of Windows or MacOS are easy to find, but what if you need something older? Take a look at why you might want to use Windows XP or 98 today, and how you can get these installed on new systems.

Why would you want an old version of Windows?

Software doesn’t always update with operating systems. The specifications of the new OS could lead to the program no longer working. When you’re going to get a new computer, then you need to consider if critical applications will still work with the latest OS. If not, this is when you want to try an older version. New software that comes out will usually be backward compatible with an older OS, so you won’t be stuck with all old programs.

Getting new operating systems for all the computers in an office means retraining the office. The OS itself will cost money, and then the time spent retraining employees on how to use the new OS will cost even more money. This may not be an investment you want to make right when you’re getting new hardware.

It’s important to remember that just because Microsoft stops supporting old versions of Windows such as Windows 98 and XP, these versions aren’t disappearing from your computers. Your IT team should be able to handle any issues that arise without forcing the entire office to upgrade.

How do you get an old version of Windows on a new computer?

If installing an older OS seems like a tedious task to you, we can help. When you purchase a complete system from ADEK, we’ll tailor it to your exact specifications. We want the hardware to be ideal for you, and if the software needs to be an older OS, we can manage it.

Contact us today if you have any questions about your custom complete computer system.