Burn-In Process

The burn-in process is an essential part of computer assembly. It ensures components work as they should, and your computer won’t fail during any critical use. If you’re new to building computers, this may be a process unfamiliar to you. We can explain what this is, and why it’s important for your computer components.

The process involves stressing components to their highest capacity. If the elements fail at this point, then they would also fail during normal usage. This allows you to weed out faulty components before assembling the entire computer, or circuit board. It’s an essential process that will enable you to know your elements will stand up to whatever pressure your work puts on them. Including components that haven’t gone through this process means you risk your components overheating and failing during crucial moments.

For one to perform the burn-in process, components are tested at high temperatures and voltages. The ones that fail first are the weakest components, and therefore not fit to be used in industrial computer usage. The burn-in process tests large numbers of components at once. This means that once the weaker elements fail due to the testing, the remaining ones will have a more precise figure for temperatures and voltages they can stand

The burn-in process allows you to understand the full capacity of your components. You’ll know safe temperatures and voltages for each element, and you can be sure that the parts will work.

Adek is your best choice for ensuring your computer components are quality. We do the burn-in process on each element before sending them to you, so you know you’re getting reliable parts. You can trust Adek for the best components for your industrial computers.