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How Much Computer Power Does AI Need?

As many tech businesses look into using AI for their companies, the question for many people becomes what does it take to truly run an artificial intelligence? Can a standard computer manage it, or is a robust industrial computer needed? AI is used in business for a variety of reasons. A simple way to describe […]

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Burn-In Process

The burn-in process is an essential part of computer assembly. It ensures components work as they should, and your computer won’t fail during any critical use. If you’re new to building computers, this may be a process unfamiliar to you. We can explain what this is, and why it’s important for your computer components. The […]

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Computer Parts

Glossary of Computer Hardware

New to manufacturing computers? Sometimes the terminology surrounding computer hardware is confusing. Take a look at this quick guide for help understanding. Adapter A device that allows one type of hardware to connect to a different kind without any loss of information. Bus The system of hardware components to transfer information inside a computer. Cache […]

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